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Rea Brothers provides a range of Mechanical Engineering services. We our leaders in the Marine engineering sector providing a high level service to shipping companies throughout the UK and Ireland.


In addition to this, we work with local councils, Quarrys, manufacturing companies, Energy companies and haulage firms.

Some of those we have helped..

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Est. in 1979 Rea Brothers was started to serve the local community and marine sector with engineering solutions

With over 40 years experience, we are now leaders in the marine engineering sector with experience throughout many other sectors.

We are based in the UK and continue to serve a range of industries, providing them with mechanical engineering services. In 2015, we extended our range of services to include design services and more recently 3D printing.

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Services we offer

Marine Engineering

Since our establishment 40 years ago, we have worked with many shipping companies both large and small. We offer and on site and off site service at our workshop in Larne, NI to anywhere in UK and Ireland.


Some of our marine capabilties..


- Off or On site work

- Portable equipment

- Experience

- Pipework

- Vessel damage

- Fabrication

- Llyods recognition

Metal Fabrication

Design and 3D Printing

We have a large workshop facility with a wide range of fabrication equipment to allow us to do a wide variety of jobs.


Some of our metal fabrication capabilities...


- Off or On site work

- Certified Welding of a wide variety of metals both common and rare

- Folding up to 3m sheets

- Guillotine up to 3m sheets

- Horizontal boring

- Manual cutting/plasma

- Drilling

We offer a comprehensive design solution to our customers. We can produce 3D CAD drawings, engineering drawings or simulations.


In addition to this, we now offer 3D printing services. Unique to us is our ability to print plastic components that are as strong as metals! This gives you a lightweight, cost effective solution with reduced lead times.


see www.pro22innovations.co.uk for more information on design and 3D printing

Rea Brothers offers complete design development consultancy including conceptual design and working drawings. In addition to this design service we can then take your design right through to manufacture, if required. All the work can be done by us without the need to organise multiple companies reducing your costs and improving efficiency. We can work with you to design a product that you want, or to improve a current design to make it more efficient and cost effective.


Combined with our manufacturing and

Rea Brothers design services...


Rea Brothers Engineering can offer you an innovative design service to help you with new product development and improving current product design. Your product will be developed with innovation and creativity to ensure it delivers the end result that you desire. We can manage the entire design process for you giving you a market leading product for your customers. Our innovative approach allows the client to remain focused on their goals as we will guide you through the design process into manufacture.

Why not take your design one step further and utilise our 3D composite printing facilities. We can input your design into the 3D printer software, choose the end mechanical properties you desire and print your product. You will have the real finished product in your hands to trial, show customers and investors as well as use it as a final end useable product. Interested? Contact us today on 02828272767 or find out more information on our 3D printing  by clicking on the 3D printing section on our website menu.

Use our 3D printing facilities to make your design a reality

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